Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Wow! A First Comment

This may have been a bad week to start a blog. I am writing this from a hotel room in Pittsburgh at 1:30 AM. Why am I in Pittsburgh? Simple. I'm at a convention this week. Forgot about this little detail when I put up the first post.

And how am I going to write those brilliant posts after 14-hour days meeting and schmoozing with people here? Short answer, I'm not. Wait a few days, folks.

So I want to thank Ninanina for putting up the first comment here, despite the lack of content other than the introductory post. Check out her blogs here, here, and here.

Nina's drawings of historic buildings in Richmond, Texas are well worth a look. Making drawings of interesting buildings or other local sights such as these used to be much done in the 19th century and were often shared among friends. These drawings capture that spirit nicely and are much more interesting than mere photos.

It's now after 2:00 AM, and I'm afraid I've turned into a pumpkin long since. Thanks again, Nina, and I hope you would join in a discussion here soon. But first I have to locate my brain and put it back in my head. Won't be able to do that for a while....